Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Linux: Find Symbolic Links Full Paths

How to find all the symbolic links (soft links and hard links) along with their full paths on Linux/Unix command line.

find / -type l | xargs -r ls -l > symlinks.log


First, find all symbolically linked files/folders by using "-type l" which restricts the results to symbolic links. This example starts from the root of the server, but I would specify as much of the path as possible to speed up the search.

Second, list out all the details of each result by piping what was found to the "ls -l" command. To do this, "xargs" is used which passes the results from the first part as arguments to the "ls -l" command of the second part. The xargs option "-r" is used which tells it to not run the command if no results were returned.

Third, save the results from the second part to a file in the current directory named "symlinks.log".

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